If you are in Bali, you’ve probably seen them. Amazing body, tanned skin, wavy hair, basically the whole package. Yes, the surfers look is definitely the hottest look. So let us tell you why.. Surfing is a real full body workout. It will benefit your cardio, strengthen your upper and lower body, and improve core strength as well as your flexibility. On top of that, water sports makes your skin more firm and reduce cellulite! If this is not enough to get you surfing, this sport also engage your mental and mind. You have heard of the expression ‘being in the moment’ thrown around quite often when it comes to surfing. As a physical activity, surfers have learned all to well that being in the moment is a mental prerequisite of the sport. Being in the moment will help you read waves and to learn proper timing. It will teach you patience and appreciation.
Also, surfing brings people together. One of the joys of surfing is being part of a community of likeminded individuals that come together in the lineup to enjoy riding the waves. While surfing, enjoy all the benefits of the sunshine, salty water and fresh air.
So what are you waiting for? Go grab a board and catch some waves and find out for yourself what the physical, mental and emotional rewards that surfing can give you.

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