Benefits of Pyramid Training

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To continue to get benefits from resistance training, you need to challenge your muscles in new ways. Do the same routine month after month and your body will adapt and you’ll stop seeing change. The good news? Making even small changes to your workout is often enough to give new results. Here’s a way to change your routine – try pyramid strength training.

What is Pyramid Training?
The premise behind pyramid training is simple. Start out with light weights and a high number of repetitions and gradually work your way up the pyramid to heavy weights and low reps.
It is also possible to use pyramid training for cardio exercise without weight. The big advantage of this training is to make variation in your heart rates and improving your fat-burning metabolism.
You can use a pyramid structure for almost any weight training exercise from biceps curls to squats to challenge your muscles in a different way. This type of workout structure typically works best for compound exercises.

What Are the Benefits of Pyramid Training?
When you do pyramid training, you’re working muscles in a number of different ways. You start out with light weights and multiple repetitions. This gives your muscles an endurance workout, activating mostly slow-twitch muscle fibers. As you gradually move up the pyramid, the weight becomes heavier and the repetitions fewer as you transition to heavier weights and low reps to build strength.

If you haven’t done this type of routine yet, your muscles will feel challenged and thoroughly exhausted by the time you reach the top of the pyramid. That’s what you need for change.
The pyramid sequence works nicely because the first set serves as a warm-up, increasing blood flow to your muscles while working on muscular endurance. As you move u, your muscles are warm and ready to meet the increased challenge of heavier weight.

Other Benefits of Pyramid Strength Training
Doing a different type of routine helps with motivation and gives you a new challenge – but pay attention to form. When you’re doing so many sets, it’s easy to get sloppy. Minding your form closely will reduce injury and help you get better results.

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