Benefits of Papaya and Pumpkin Seeds

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STOP throwing away your papaya and pumpkin seeds right now and reduce your waste of food and diseases!

Did you know that only a small amount of papaya seeds in your diet could be very beneficial for your health, such as:

  1. Get rid of body parasites and break down undigested protein because of their high levels of enzymes like papain.
  2. An effective treatment for liver cirrhosis, which is cause by excessive alcohol consumption over many years.
  3. Prevent or even treat food poisoning because of their strong antibacterial and anti – inflammatory effects on our digestive system.

While papaya seeds have a lot of benefits, pregnant women should not consume it. The high level of the digestive enzymes might be too powerful for young children’s gastrointestinal tracts.

How to use it?

Grind up the dried seeds in your juice, yogurt or smoothie. Also possible to roast them in the oven, seasoned with some salt. Eat them as a light snack or have them over your salad, soup or vegetables.

Another amazing super food are Pumpkin seeds. It has a wide variety of nutrients that are very important in your diet.

This chewy snack has a wide variety of nutrients from magnesium to protein and zinc. They also contain antioxidants, which can give your health an added boost. If that’s not enough, pumpkin seeds are high-fibre seeds and they’re able to boost your fibre intake, helping you reach the ideal amount of 50 grams per 1,000 calories consumed.

See below other health benefits of pumpkin seeds:

  1. Plant based omega-3 fats
  2. Help you with prostate health
  3. Anti diabetic effects
  4. Heart and liver health
  5. Anti inflammatory

The most important benefit MUST be that those seeds make you happy. Pumpkin seeds can improve your mood naturally and may even be effective against depression. Eat them a few hours before bedtime to encourage a good nights sleep!

At Avocado Café we now serve our new salty snack mix of roasted papaya and curried pumpkin seeds. Try it out!


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