Benefits Of L-Carnitine In Your Diet

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L-carnitine – is more widely known for its fat burning. In dieting, it is also known to reduce the feeling of hunger and weakness. In body building, L-carnitine supplementation promotes development and growth of muscle and delaying muscle fatigue. L-carnitine is very similar to the nonessential amino acid carnitine. It performs some of the same functions, such as helping metabolize food into energy. It is used for both its fat-burning and increasing energy properties in dieting and in muscle building. Some people seem to believe that if they just take L-carnitine their body will miraculously transform, but there is not such thing as magic when it comes to your body.  It’s hard work, and a bit of modern science 🙂

Benefits Of L-Carnitine In Your Diet

  • Reduces feelings of hunger and weakness.
  • Increases energy
  • L-carnitine supplementation used in combination with exercise programs has been shown to promote development and growth of muscle
  • Delays muscle fatigue
  • Reduces post workout muscle soreness.
  • L-carnitine has also proven beneficial for people who are suffering from:
    • Cardiac Failure – cardioprotective activity and beneficial affects on cardiac function.
    • Hypertension – vascular protection properties from its ability to lower triglyceride levels and increase levels of HDL-cholesterol
    • Alzheimer’s & Dementia – neuroprotective activity
    • Diabetes – no evidence that L-carnitine will prevent diabetes, although abnormal carnitine metabolism is associated with diabetes.

A natural source of L-Carnitine are avocados, dairy products, red meats and in fermented soy products.  It can also be obtained through nutritional supplementation.    

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