Benefits of Fish Oil

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The Omega-3 fatty acid in fish oil prevents cell ageing and protects the caps of genes which usually deteriorate with age. Beside this it prevents cardiovascular diseases, improves the health of blood vessels and decreases the risk of whole body inflammation.

To make it simple, it oils your arteries from inside. The bad trans fatty acid (margarine, mayonnaise, chocolate paste, potato chips, proceed food, cake…..) and LDL cholesterol (fat meat, esp. pork meat, butter, eggs, sausage, cheese, cream, fat milk, fat yogurt….) has no chance to hurt your arteries and keep them free to transfer blood and oxygen to your organs.

Fish fat (EPA, DHA) is an awesome polyunsaturated fat and helps to suggest the bad fats and lower your appetite too.

Why taking supplements?

Do you eat fish every day? Probably it is not, although it would be really healthy in regard to the Omega-3 fatty acid (fish oil). On the other hand, eating fish every day might harm your body at the same time as well, because unfortunately we find high levels of Mercury in Tuna, Swordfish, Mackerel and lower level in Salmon.

Studies have shown that Mercury levels have increased in our bodies over the last years, due to pollution and contaminated food, sea food in particular. Supplements are Mercury free and easy to take everyday, especially if you don’t like fish at all. All this benefits of supplements are too fabulous to ignore.

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