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BCT – butt-lift workout you must try

I’m sitting at the Beachwalk of Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro having a coconut and being amazed by the scene of a typical morning there. Everyone around me is busy training.

Fitness in Brazil is a combination of both cultural and social behavior.

At the gym, at the beach or the park, you will schedule appointments to meet friends and train your favorite workout method.

It’s amazing to be able to find the same atmosphere in Bali, with people from all parts of the Globe.

Like Brazil, in Bali, you see a lot of people dressed in fitness outfits on the streets. And life inside the gyms and healthy food cafes are pretty much the same scenes.

Maybe this is why the Brazilian Circuit Training or BCT group class caught the attention of so many fitness enthusiasts on the island.

And for some other reasons:


It’s a fun and dynamic workout, as all participants work together in a choreographed manner to the same rhythm and timing to enhance coordination, with the music creating an atmosphere that motivates the entire group to exceed their limits and pull a little stronger. Like a fitness dance floor somehow.


Using just dumbbells and ankle weights or just your body weight, performing simple moves accessible to any fitness level makes BCT an easy class to understand and participate. The improvement is fast – class after class.


Regardless if you are a fitness fanatic or a beginner, it’s easy to control the intensity of the exercises using heavier or lighter weights, and reducing the number of repetitions on every set thru the rounds of the circuit.


Developed and widely practiced in Brazil, BCT works on your upper and lower body with a special focus on your glutes. YES THE BUTT ! BCT gives special attention to this part of your body with a cross workout technique alternating the movements on the three muscles of your bum creating a butt-lift! Yes, you heard it before, the butt-lift workout was invented in Brazil and was spread all over the world in the last three decades.

The beach scene in Rio de Janeiro is now a distant memory as I finish another Supersession on Saturday at Motion Fitness, feeling high from the energy from the students. And somehow it feels like I’m teaching in Brazil.

by coach Roberto Saboya


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