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Bacon Jam Tutorial

Try making our delicious Bacon Jam at home! 

What you need:

150g Bacon 

200g Onions 

15g Erythritol 

120ml Water 

5g Coffee 

30ml Balsamic Vinegar 

Cut Bacon and Onions in small pieces. Prepare coffee with water. Sauté bacon till crispy. Sauté onions till they turn brown and add erythritol, coffee, and balsamic vinegar. Put bacon in a separate bowl and strain the fat. 

Add the bacon to the onion mixture and continue cooking. Pour the mixture in a blender and blend. 


Cal 2 Tbsp: 156 – P:4g – C:0,8g – F:11,3g – Sat. F: 3,8g

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