The Vegan Power Bar

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Avocado’s newest creation



Cereal bars are perfect as a healthy, energetic and practical snack, as long as the ingredients are natural and well balanced.

It is important that they are high in fiber, provide energy and saturate for an extended time.

At Avocado Cafe Bali we are proud to introduce our newest creation, the Vegan Power Bar. This energy bar is full of nutrients and meets all the requirements an energy bar needs to have.

The ingredients are 100% natural with no additives and completely vegan.  The whole oats and flax seeds provide a high fiber content, which means that the saturation effect is prolonged. The sunflower, pumpkin and sesame seeds are high in calcium, which is very helpful for vegans.

The main ingredient of the Vegan Power Bar is raw cacao beans, another super food with the highest antioxidant content known to man.

Furthermore raw cacao beans have a high energetic function and have anti-inflammatory abilities. Also they help to lower cholesterol levels and protect against thrombus and platelet aggregation.

Our bar is sweetened with 100% natural and organic coconut syrup that has a very low glycemic index, that means it will only minimal raise your blood sugar level.

And the best thing of it all: it tastes awesome with being super healthy at the same time. A must try!

Vegan Power Bars are available at Avocado Café and Motion Fitness studio.

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