Staying Connected Abroad…

Living abroad can be an exciting and enriching experience, but it can also mean being far away from loved ones. Maintaining strong connections with family and friends becomes paramount in these situations. While distance may separate us physically, there are several ways we can bridge the gap and strengthen those bonds. Here are some tips […]

Girls’ Night with Motion!

I love having my friends over for a girls’ night. We usually dive into our guilty pleasures like reality tv or have an at-home spa night packed with facials and manis. In Bali, it’s not always easy to stream the Real Housewives of New York, but having the yummiest of treats delivered—is a piece of […]

Last-Minute Slim-Down Ideas for a Healthier You

Are you looking to shed a few pounds and reduce bloating to feel lighter and more confident? While crash diets are not the way to go, there are several effective methods to help you lose water retention and reduce bloating in a healthier way. In this blog post, we’ll explore some last-minute slim-down ideas that […]

Paleo Chocolate Brownie

The Paleo Chocolate Brownie Recipe & the Story of 2 women and their new year weight loss success. Are you a fan of chocolate and want to eat it, like me, every day?Then follow our Motion bits of advice and snack examples. Chocolate is a great snack and a SIRT food.  As I wrote about […]

Gimme more Cake!

Do you love cakes but feel guilty eating them? Please don’t!  Cakes warm our hearts just like ice cream and chocolate! But, do we need cakes and ice cream on a daily basis? I don’t. Chocolate, on the other hand, YES! 🙂 It should be noted that I only eat chocolate with a high amount […]

Healthy Muffin Lover

Sweet or savoury tooth…as long it is a Muffin. 😉 I love muffins! But I always turn all my muffins into a healthy version. For example, by substituting sugar with fruit mousse or honey. My son’s favorite sweet muffin is the Motion chocolate zucchini muffin. I prefer the whole oat muffins made with bananas, but as you […]