Are Vegan’s better people?

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According to a British newspaper the number of vegans has risen immensely this year and surveys show new record numbers of people who are avoiding food derived from animals. With this article we want to encourage you to think about our environment and what we can do. To always keep our mind open for others, so that we are able to find compromises and that our society can develop and make things better for all living beings.

Lately, the relation between animals and humans has changed. People start to think more and more about what kind of needs animals have and how humans deal with that. For that purpose a huge amount of our population draws more attention to the consequences to their eating habits.

What is good and what is bad?

When it comes to meat production, there are many questions, which need to be answered first before making an ethical statement.

Under which conditions did the animal live? Did it have access to fresh air or did it spend its life in enclosure? Was it happy? Did it die quickly without pain or cruelty? Under which condition did the farmer work? Were the farmers decisions financial motivated?


Does a person who does not eat meat not want to feel guilty for the death of an animal?

If we would say that guilt is something which accurse by violating the interests of other living beings, then a vegan won’t feel guilty, but there is no life without affecting other lives. We can’t eat without making us guilty in some sort of way and there exists no eating habit, which raises no moral questions.

Even when a field, for the cultivation of soy or other grains, will be plowed up many worms, mice and snakes die. This can’t be avoided.

Of course the population is growing and growing and we have to take care of our natural resources. That’s why it is good to live more conscious and be aware of many things.

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