Good Night….

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Did you know sleep has a direct connection to getting toned flat belly?

I’m not just talking about building muscle or losing weight because those are two key links to sleep as well, but I’m talking specifically about your stomach area.

From personal experience, every single night I’ve gotten healthy, decent sleep (8-9 hours),the day after, I have much more energy for my workouts, which produces more muscle development and faster fat burning.

If you want to get a flat belly, sleeping is a key factor you shouldn’t neglect.

The more sleep you get, the more protein is utilized and broken down to develop your abdominal muscles more.

Think of all the protein you ate throughout the day and now think of how protein develops muscle.

Now, think of when that protein is broken down to be turned into muscle. This happens at night..when? During your sleep! Yes, that’s it, the more you sleep, the more you enhance your body’s natural processes to break down protein and turn it into solid muscle.

This is especially important for developing abs because you have to tone them out and assist them in breaking through those walls of fat.


The less sleep you get, means the less protein is utilized.

> The less sleep you get, the less protein is distributed throughout your body as muscle development.

And…. “Where does the protein go if it’s not distributed throughout your body as muscle?”

That protein that could be used to build your six pack muscles, is now being wasted away as your body just gets rid of it the way it does other natural waste.

Well, that’s sad to think that all of your hard earned protein is going to waste just because your body isn’t turning it into muscle.

When you’re not getting good sleep, your body isn’t able to turn that protein into muscle because these processes happen during your recovery time.

The cool thing is you don’t have to be an expert in workouts, you don’t have to be able to lift super heavy weights, and you can even be a beginner to utilize this one secret to get a toned flat belly…


Good night, Selamat Tidur, Bonne nuit, Buena Noche



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