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The best Toning Oil called FIRM

Are you craving an extraordinary skin nourishing and toning skin oil?.

Do you have enough to buy expensive skincare and being disappointed about getting even dryer skin and no results at all?

At Motion Fitness Foods, we produce since years natural Spa products that keep their promises. 

I can write this with 100% confidence because I use these products and the toning oil about 8years by my self and with my 45y,  I still see not many changes in my skin structure past 15years. Plus I have proof of hundreds of women. Btw we age not year by year, we are ageing in kind of blocks of years. This means we turning 20y and looking like 20y for a while and then maybe when turning 27y we looking like 27y. After we stay like this maybe until 32-35y looking fresh like 27y young. Then maybe with 36y we seeing some changes of our skin, as getting dryer, fine lines around the eyes and on the forehead, maybe above the knees, elbows, the butt getting softer. Between 40-45y our skin is loosing more collagen, less skin glow, looser muscles, dryer hair… Suddenly we are looking older. From here I could see at many of my beautiful clients, not much changes until above 50y. This means that we have time between these “ageing blocks”, to adapt, to boost and refresh our skin and whole body system. 

This includes a balanced and healthy diet, where we allow us of course to have once in a while a pizza, pasta, french fries, wine, dessert etc. BUT not every day. Daily you can be active and often 30min are enough to make our body, US, really happy. Take care of yourself inside and outside. Be gentle to your skin and not just read what to do just do it and try new things. We are often so addicted to our past shit and habits, being lazy and scared to change. I could write much more about it and how we can design our mind new but this will come a other time.

Fakt is, that most women at the age of 30y, if looking like 40y, mostly continue unhealthy habits as they did in their early 20’s, where our body system recharges it self easily and fast. Don’t get me wrong live and let live BUT stop complaining too. 🙂 You can read in other blocks here, how you can stay healthy, fresh and happy for much longer and still can have great nights out and fun BUT feeling much better without regret anything!

Why not target being happy, healthy and strong all life long, as it is not about how old we get as how we get old.

Highly I recommend using oils for your face and body as it can get absorb much better. Read more here

What started in a workshop in my Fitness & Beauty retreats, ended up to get one of our best-selling Spa products, The FIRM toning oil. It is a blend of  6 natural essential oils as rosemary, lavender, lemon, orange, lemon grass and grapefruit. It smells incredible! 

Since then plenty of women send me lovely comments, as it the best toning oil they ever used. The FIRM toning oil you can find in any of our outlets as at Samadi, Amo Spa, Motion Cafe or at our Online Shop in 2 different sizes. 

Results are visible in the first days of using the oil. Once per day apply it to the body zones you need it the most, but you can use it on the whole body besides the face. At the legs, hips, and stomach rub and massage it into the skin for a minute. It gets nice warm and with it more resonant absorption. Your skin should be light wet before using. Afterward, you can dry the skin with a towel, and then this oil will make no marks on your cloth or bedsheets. I love to use it at the end of the day or after my sport program. The smell is fruity and calming in once and most women and men 😉 fall in love with it. The results speak for themselves, and I wish any woman would try it! See in the photos 2 normal, not mega sporty women who did a 2weeks health & beauty retreat with us. This challenge includes the Alkaline meal plan and a fitness program. Both women focused on their unloved stomachs and were super happy with their results in just 2 weeks.

If you are in Bali, I highly recommend doing two weeks of our Alkaline meal plan with us and if you are anywhere else, then check the alkaline food chart below and cut out as much acid foods you can for a while. It works so well and let look your skin so much smoother and cellulite getting less visible or even disappears. Drinking lots of water help always BUT most of all, reducing salt, sugar, alcohol, deep-fried, and proceeded foods. AND of course give it a try and use our Firm toning oil. I seriously give you the money back if you are not satisfied after 2 weeks.

Ask me if you want to know more about anti-ageing food and better skin or any question about nutrition and beauty advice you have for a healthier, happy you. I love it! 🙂 

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