All About Abs

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How to go from a muffin top to a six-pack is always a hot topic. Exercising your abs every day with the same workout is not the solution though and there are other facts to consider to get that flat stomach.

Body Fat

Your body fat also plays a major role in how your six pack abs look. Maybe you already have perfect abs but they are hidden behind a layer of fat. If your body fat is below 15% your abs are starting to show off, although you shouldn’t go below 10% to stay healthy.


You might have heard it a million times, but it can’t be said enough: Abs are made in the kitchen! Eat clean, train dirty and instead of too many carbs or junk food try to focus on a healthy protein rich diet. If you don’t have time for cooking or meal preps try our healthy food delivery – you can order all our meals online.


When working on your abs focus on integrated exercises. These exercises use the same muscles as traditional isolation exercises, but they also work in conjunction with other muscles of the core as well as the arms and legs. For example; hover and plank variations are one of the best exercises for integrated training.

These exercises generate a higher fatigue of your muscles. That means you will generate the greatest amount of muscle change because fatigue is the key!

If you want to achieve a fast result and finally get this flat stomach, try our tummy attack challenge. Within 14 days you will feel and see the difference!


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