6 Days Fit&Slim Lifestyle Program – Interview with Ashleigh

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“Sooner the better!”, this was the first message that we received from Ashleigh. Four days later she already was on her way from Melbourne to Motion Fitness Bali. In a interview beautiful client Ashleigh is talking about her experience and her journey to a better and healthier me with Motion Fitness Team:

What were your expectation? Did we meet your expectation?

Booking Motion Fitness as a spur of the moment decision. I was quite unsure what I had actually got myself into but went in with an open mind. Of course I expected a ton of exercise/training along with learning other components of living a healthy lifestyle. Motion Fitness certainly ticked all those boxes plus more!

What did you like most about the Fit&Slim Lifestyle package?

Overall I really enjoyed everything about the Fit & Slim lifestyle package. Having access to unlimited group sessions for the week meant that I could pick and choose which classes I really liked and more suitable for me.

Did you like your nutrition plan?

I thoroughly enjoyed the meals that had been prepare and delivered to my door daily. All meals were very tasty and I was never left hungry. Definitely going to try and interpret some of these delicious meals when I get home.

What about your PT and classes? Are there any classes you liked most?

I had never really been to a personal trainer before so this was all new to me. I trained with Summer everyday for an hour and never dreaded going in there thinking how bad my ass was going to be kicked! Day 1 I went in as one unfit hot mess! Summer started me off on the bike, which I warned how much I hate anything to do with spin classes/exercises. After all the sessions I have had so far my favorite way to get started is interval training on the bike!

Motion Fitness provided a whole range of classes and I tried my best to attempt each one. The classes i preferred and attended several several times were Triple Threat, Brazil Boom and Yoga.

What are the best things you have found about losing weight & getting fit? Will you adopt your tips in your lifestyle?

Well I feel extremely lighter! Not only does my body feel great but my mind is feeling really clear and I just feel happy. I hope to continue with a positive attitude and to keep motivating myself to follow through with all the things that I have learned throughout this experience.

Is there anything you are going to do now that you never would have done before you lost the weight & get fit?

For sure! Before doing the program I never really concentrated on meal portions or took much care of what I was actually eating. Going forward I’m hoping to create myself a new lifestyle, making fitness and healthy eating one of my top priorities.

What would you say or advice other women who are struggling and want to do what you have done?

Before coming to Motion Fitness I was finding myself getting into a huge ‘rut’. I was making extremely poor lifestyle choices which was starting to make me depressed and lost. I realized the only person who can get myself out of this and to get the ball rolling was me… Thank god I did! I haven’t felt this energized, happy and proud of the myself for the achievements and results I have made in such a long time.

I’d like to say a big thank you to the team at Motion Fitness for all there support and guidance throughout this experience. It’s been truly amazing!


Dear Ashleigh, you can be proud of yourself! It was a pleasure to having you in our Motion Fitness family!

We wish you all the best for your healthy and fit future!

Now you definitely know: It always seems impossible until it’s done!

Your Motion Team


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