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The Vegan Power Bar

Avocado’s newest creation     Cereal bars are perfect as a healthy, energetic and practical snack, as long as the ingredients are natural and well balanced. It is important that they are high in fiber, provide energy and saturate for an extended time. At Avocado Cafe Bali we are proud to introduce our newest creation, […]

Probiotics and their importance for our health

In our organism is a big colony of bacteria (100 trillion microorganisms) is located in the intestine. This ecosystem is essential for the efficient absorption of nutrients and for maintaining a general state of health. The bacteria are responsible for absorbing all kinds of vitamins, minerals, nutrients (proteins, carbohydrates and fats) and the water we […]

No More Joint Stiffness

When you are young, you would do things without even thinking twice about your joints. But when you get older, your joints can become stiff and achy. The key to reducing the chronic inflammation or even to increase your pain tolerance is to exercise regularly! Exercise strengthens the muscle around the joint and increases blood […]