Coffe vs. tea: Stimulants from nature

The consumption of stimulants like coffee and tea is a habit for many people! Although many people wonder if the consumption of these has benefits or not … of course we can find benefits in them, as long as we choose the right one and in its right measure! Let’s put emphasis on the most […]

More energy through a protein rich diet?

Protein has other jobs to fill that take priority over using it as an energy source. The proteins are the base of our body structure and have a lot of essential functions. Such as building muscles and they are fuel for muscle contraction. The cells of our organism get the energy to perform their work […]

Brain fitness: How to keep your brain clear and fast!

Our brain needs to work out similarly to how we exercise our physical muscles. The central controlling of our brain and the integration of our nervous system is one of the most energy-intensive functions of our human body. So treat it well and keep it strong and healthy with these simple tricks: Learn something new […]

Fitness Competition! Is this actually good for your body?

Maybe you’ve seen some fitness models or bikini competitors and tried their nutrition and training plans in the hope to get the same physique? But a less well-known fact is that fitness models and people who compete aren’t actually at the height of healthiness when they compete. They follow a regime that no one who […]

Motion Mates

This week is our last Interview we get to know more about our lovely Motion Mate Lindy and why she loves Motion Fitness.   How long have you been into fitness? Most of my life. I started modeling at 18 so needed to make sure I stayed in shape! I’m 39 now!   How long […]