All About Abs

How to go from a muffin top to a six-pack is always a hot topic. Exercising your abs every day with the same workout is not the solution though and there are other facts to consider to get that flat stomach. Body Fat Your body fat also plays a major role in how your six […]

Skin differences

It is more than just melanin that separates a black person from a white person, and a white person from an Asian. Some people wonder why others look different in their skin. For example in terms of muscle showing, cellulitis or wrinkles. Black, white and Asian skin is different in terms of thickness, water content […]

What is Orthorexia?

Orthorexia is a new “unhealthy obsession” with healthy eating. To protect ourselves, we tend to create a “control strategy” such as deciding to only eat “good foods”. This is a good idea in theory, but a healthy interest can easily become an unhealthy obsession. Today, the constant stream of social media focuses on food 24/7. […]

Are you hungry all the time?

Hunger is controlled by your diet, appetite hormones, emotional factors, dehydration, high carbohydrate consumption, clutter at meal times and stress. It is a physiological necessity, but as mentioned above can be caused by several by different factors. Realizing why you are hungry is a very important point which hast to be observed. The central nervous […]

What is Triphala?

Triphala is a herbal formula used in the ancient Science of Ayurveda. It means three fruits (Amalaki, Haritaki, and Bibhitaki) this herb cleanse and supports the entire GI tract. It’s a tridoshic formula and can be used to bring balance to all constitutions. It’s the best remedy for bowel problems because it is acting like […]

New Program FitFocus

Finally, I’m back in Bali. I missed the classes and all of you, but mostly I missed my Avocado food. Seriously! I am still arriving in Bali and coming home just the 2 of us hit me harder than I thought. I miss my son very much and I guess this might take a while, […]