Motion Mates

This is the ultra lovely and bubbly Kepsi, also known as Kepsibel. That explains her photo:¬† Dumbbell, Kettle bell, Kepsibel! ūüôā How long have you been into fitness? I‚Äôve always been interested in fitness in some form, whether it was dancing or yoga when I was younger, to group sports during high school and then […]

How To Work Out With HITT

What is HIIT training? HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training. In this training you alternate between high and low-intensity exercise(s) or between high-intensity exercise and short periods of rest. Why HIIT? Lose body fat Keep/strengthen your muscle Strengthening the cardiovascular system Equipment is not necessary Develop ‚Äėmental toughness‚Äô Increase your metabolism The ability to tolerate […]

What You Need To Know About Protein

Protein is an essential element of your body! Protein pushes your metabolism and keeps you saturated for a longer period of time compared to the same amount of carbs.   But how much Protein do you need? For people with a normal activity level it is recommended to get 0,8 g/kg/body weight per day. For […]

Motion Mates

This week we introduce to you, Beatrice. She has been with us for years. Read more why…   How long have you been into fitness? 25 years but not so regularly as now.   How long have you been a member at Motion Fitness? 5 or 6 years.   How often do you work out? […]

Seasonal Fruits

Bali offers such a variety of tropical fruits, so¬†we highly recommend taking advantage of this opportunity. There are so many fruits that you probably never heard of or are very expensive in the westerns world, so this is the place to try them all! Read our article to get to know in what month you […]

How To Absorb Vitamins

The best way to get all vitamins you need, is eating fresh foods,¬†as varied and diverse as possible. Only in specific life circumstances¬†our body needs more of one¬†specific vitamin. Here are a few tips on how to¬†get the most vitamins out of your food! Try to protect your veggies and fruits from too much light […]

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