Am I (fitness) crazy?

There are people in my life who think that I’m a crazy fitness maniac… Years ago, in my annual holidays in Germany, I was always very moody and tired in the first days and even got sick straight away sometimes. Of course I thought that the reason for this was my busy working schedule and […]

Slim Booster

There are various benefits of this cleansing, but it is especially useful to quickly drop a few pounds. Furthermore it’s a great way of transitioning from an unhealthy diet into a better, healthier diet… The brown rice cleanse is based on macrobiotic principles and low sodium for body balance. You don’t feel like you’re on a […]

Nutrition Consultation

We humans are creatures of habits, and trying to change those, can give us a hard time. But once we manage to change and transform the old habits into some new, healthy ones, we will get rewarded with a better overall wellbeing and a more positive attitude towards life. And as a creature of habits that we are, we never want to go […]

Mel’s personal diet

Here I open up with my personal tricks for my body. Over the past 15 years with experience as a personal nutrition and fitness coach I have learned, there is NO RULE but knowledge. Each of you can find the best way; if you put more awareness to what you eat and how it makes […]

NEW homemade protein bar

Protein bars: meal supplements, meal replacements or either/or? As we already explained in our previous article: Bars can be diet lifesavers, but now you get more detailed information about how to use these little helpers. If you have some weight to loose, we recommend replacing two lunches per week with a protein bar. In combination […]

Tummy Attack Challenge

Join our challenge and attack your tummy for one week. Ab exercises and a matching menu! Send us an email on to be apart of that challenge. Suffer, Sweat and Smile!   Merken Merken