Protein Shakes

When walking into a gym nowadays you see them everywhere: people with protein shakes. Should you have them too and when is the best time to drink them? How much protein do you need anyway? If you workout your muscles a lot then you need an adequate amount of protein, not only to build up […]

Laughing is medicine

Charlie Chaplin once said: “ A day without laughter is a day wasted” and he was so right. With a smile on your face you feel way better and sharing a good laugh with someone else creates a positive bond. Did you know that laughing is not only good for your mental health but also […]

Make your own mask and forget botox

Why pay a lot of money for cosmetic products or botox injection? You can do it yourself. Here are the TOP 3 recipes for homemade natural facemasks. Egg white face mask for tighter wrinkle free skin Separate egg white from 2-3 eggs and whisk well Add 2 teaspoon lemon juice and whisk well Apply a […]

Andrea’s Chai Tea

Finally at Avocado Cafe: Chai tea! Our tea is created by Avocado Cafe family member Andrea, who studied nutrition science and has knowledge of Ayurveda and Yoga, creates our chai tea latte with local spices and much love. Chai tea is an Ayurveda product – the traditional and holistic medicine of India. A typical Chai […]

Heal yourself with herbs

It used to be a hobby for grannies but now using herbal powders and growing your own culinary enhancers is trendy. Heal yourself, look good and be healthy at any age with these powerful herbal powders by simply adding them to your daily menu. Turmeric –the miracle cure This spice belongs to the ginger family […]

Benefits of TRX

If you are tired of your workout routine and you feel you need something new, try TRX. These workouts are simple yet very challenging and the best part is, that you get a total-body workout by using only one piece of equipment. This workout comes with many benefits and is fun at the same time: […]