Fit Flow with Mel

She is back! Starting on Monday 3rd of October our Mel is back at the studio and with her, the unique classes Fit Flow, created by Mel herself. The Fit Flow is an exercise, which will give you a lean and toned body, using mostly your own body weight. The exercise practices are created to […]

Set goals

“The tragedy of life doesn’t lie in not reaching your goal. The tragedy lies in having no goals to reach.” This quote pretty much sums it up, why having goals in life is so important. Targets give you motivation and focus. No matter if you set goals for your workout routine in the gym, your […]

Little helpers

Do you have a heavy and aching feeling in your legs? Or do you feel like your legs are swollen? You might have a problem in your veins. In healthy veins, there is a continuous flow of blood, if the blood can’t flow normal caused either by blood clots or varicose veins it can cause […]

Top fit with one exercise

The plank has become popular over the Internet lately and there is a good reason for it. With just one exercise you train different parts of your body and the best thing is that you don’t need any additional equipment. If you add this exercise to your daily routine you will not only get those […]

New High Protein Bar

We have a new one in our range of homemade products! A new protein bar yay. Bars can be diet lifesavers. They make a perfect portable snack, keep you satisfied between meals, and power you up- pre and post- workout. The only problem is that the store-bought kind or mass production bars often contain some […]

Avocado Cafe Cosmetics

Today we want to introduce to you once again our homemade cosmetics. Let’s start with our body toning oil and anti-cellulite scrub. Both contain our magical mixture of essential oils: Grapefruit essential oil helps to eliminates toxins, has a toning effect Lavender essential oil is great for stretch marks, tones and revitalizes the skin Lemon […]