Watch out your calcium intake!

    Calcium is a mineral that is necessary for life. In addition to building bones and keeping them healthy, calcium helps our blood clot, nerves send messages and muscles contract. About 99 percent of the calcium in our bodies is in our bones and teeth. Each day, we lose calcium through our skin, nails, […]

Don’t be a Skinny Fat!

Doctors say we are focusing too much on weight, but thin people can sometimes carry the most dangerous kind of fat—and not know it   Obesity is a serious problem but the problem, doctors say, is that we are putting too much weight on weight. People with stellar metabolisms and magical genes may not look […]

Retinol’s Anti-Aging Benefits for Skin

Simply put, retinol is another name for vitamin A. It is an extremely effective cell-communicating ingredient that has the ability to connect to almost any skin cell receptor site and tell it to behave like a healthy, younger skin cell. That in itself has tremendous impact for improving skin, but it gets better… Retinol also […]

Weight training for Fat Loss

  Weight training should be a must for females since that causes the greatest boost to the metabolic rate immediately after the session, really promoting faster fat loss. Women who place a much higher emphasis on cardio training in comparison to weight training are the ones who typically lose greater portions of muscle mass, becoming […]

Adriana & Her Fitness Journey

INTERVIEW ADRIANA   Why Pilates… I’m a huge fan of any type of high intensity workout, and Pilates straddles the line between high intensity training and yoga— It is deceivingly challenging. It offers me the opportunity to focus on improving skills that I can use to in other fitness related-activities– it is an especially good […]