This week drink bone broth instead of coffee!

This week in our Fresh & Clear skin, you will get everyday with your breakfast a war jar of homemade bone brothe You can also buy it in our fridge at Avocado Cafe   Read below the benefits of bone brothe for your health: Heal and seal your gut. A cup a day works miracles […]

Importance of fibers in your diet

  Fiber does more than keep you regular and increase feelings of fullness. Get the facts on fiber here! Here’s the first surprising fact about fiber: It’s a carbohydrate. But not just any carbohydrate. Because it’s indigestible, fiber doesn’t affect your body the way other carbs do. Here’s the second surprising fact: There are two […]

Sleep Boosting Foods

Trouble sleeping? Check your diet. Eating particular foods can help improving your sleep Proper sleep is essential for optimal muscle repair. Unfortunately, many of us don’t get anywhere near the recommended 7-9 hours per night. And if you want to lose weight, skimping on sleep may make it harder to eat healthy. Lack of sleep […]

Gluten-Free…not even Healthy!

Since a few years, many people are asking for gluten-free option and most of them are not even gluten-intolerant! So what is the main reason to follow such a diet? If you think you are doing a healthy choice… Well you are wrong! Gluten-free is definitely not as healthy as you think.   With all […]

The raw food trend is OVER

In this article, we want to discuss why the raw food diet may not be as healthy as you might think. As nutrition specialists, we encourage the balance in your nutrition habits but we believe ingredients should be lightly cooked or steamed  facilitate the digestion and improve the nutrients absorption In Traditional Chinese Medicine, we […]

Non Fat or Full Fat?

Skim milk or whole? Non-fat yogurt or full-fat? For decades, public health officials have treated these decisions as no-brainers. Cut the dairy fat, they’ve maintained, and you’ll sidestep calories without missing out on good stuff like calcium and protein. But they might have been wrong… A recent review published in the European Journal of Nutrition […]

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