Sweat baby sweat!

Sweat is one of your body’s primary means of preventing your core temperature from rising to dangerous levels.During exercise, the majority of the calories you burn actually generate heat instead of powering forward motion :-). That heat has to be dissipated, so your body dilates blood vessels near the skin to carry some of that […]

Natural Oils vs. Creams

Are you searching for a moisturizer that is free from parabens and synthetic fragrances, penetrates deep into your skin’s layers, and doesn’t cost the earth?Instead of spending a fortune on expensive creams you should try natural oils. Unlike creams, oils penetrate the skin’s deeper layers and provide our complexion with more than just a barrier […]

Dry Skin Brushing: What is it & How to do it?

Your body has two circulatory systems…one is blood and the other is lymph. Our heart pumps blood, but there is no pump for the lymph. That’s where we come in. By exercising and doing activities like dry skin brushing we encourage our lymphatic system to circulate. That’s all fine and dandy to say, but truly […]

My Food Diary – What a Fitness Trainer eats!

Ever wonder how your diet compares to that of a super-fit personal trainer? We asked trainer Monia to give us a sneak peek of her daily eats — and she happily obliged. As a group fitness instructor, personal trainer Monia knows how crucial it is to feed her body and mind. “It’s important to fuel well […]