Epsom Salt – Why and How!?

Epsom Salts – chemically known as magnesium sulfate – are named after the spring in Surrey, England where the naturally-occurring mineral was discovered in the water. A must have natural remedy for every home, Epsom salts may be used topically or taken internally. In water, it breaks down into magnesium and sulfate. The theory is that […]

What your Food Cravings really mean and how to Beat them!

What many of us don’t realize is that there is more to our food cravings than meets the eye. Many times, it’s what we are not eating, saying or doing in life that is the real fuel behind our unhealthy benders. Using Ayurveda, you could beat your cravings and learn why they come up on daily […]

Hormones are more than just sex!

Hormones are not just a system that goes wild when you are pregnant or getting your period. Hormones are more than just sex! This vital and super complex system, which has to be in balance is a basis for good health and weight loss. Read more about the main metabolic hormones, how they function and […]

Boost your Lymphatic System!

Our lymphatic system is a complicated network of fluid-filled nodes, vessels, glands and organs, this system touches almost every part of the body. Although we may not feel or see it, it’s one of the most important however often forgotten systems of the human body. The lymphatic system’s main function is to detoxify your body, […]

Sweat baby sweat!

Sweat is one of your body’s primary means of preventing your core temperature from rising to dangerous levels.During exercise, the majority of the calories you burn actually generate heat instead of powering forward motion :-). That heat has to be dissipated, so your body dilates blood vessels near the skin to carry some of that […]

Natural Oils vs. Creams

Are you searching for a moisturizer that is free from parabens and synthetic fragrances, penetrates deep into your skin’s layers, and doesn’t cost the earth?Instead of spending a fortune on expensive creams you should try natural oils. Unlike creams, oils penetrate the skin’s deeper layers and provide our complexion with more than just a barrier […]