Which Healthy Green Foods Help You Lose Weight?

All green foods aren’t fully loaded with fat releasing nutrients, but these power picks are here:   Avocados – Provide a healthy dose of belly fat-melting monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs) as well as 20 essential nutrients, including fiber, potassium, Vitamin E,  and folic acid. Not a fan? Blend them to smoothies and you’ll also add […]

Healthy Food Diary of Trainer Lucie

To give us an idea of what a trainer eats every day, we asked Lucie to write down every meal she ate during one 24-hour period.   Breakfast from  6.30am – 8.30am  1 pot of jasmine green tea with squeezed citruses Oat porridge with dragon fruit, banana, cashew nuts ,coconut chunks   Snack within 10am […]

Reasons to Load Up on Eggs

Eating eggs is a fantastic way to give yourself a health boost. Eating whole eggs is vital: the goodness of eggs is found in the yolk (containing over 90 percent of an egg’s calcium and iron) and the white (containing almost half the egg’s protein). If you’re not eating eggs regularly, here are five reasons […]

Coconut Water for Post Workout Recovery

Coconut water has a serious edge over popular sports drinks like Gatorade and Powerade in the way that sports drinks are supposed to keep you hydrated. With 470mg of potassium in an 8-ounce serving; coconut water is chock full of the key element in boosting bodily rehydration. Potassium works with sodium, magnesium and calcium, also […]

Holidays with Mel – her personal Travel Diet

As a fitness professional, I have clients, friends and family members all asking me similar questions: “How do I keep the holiday pounds off?”   First of all, even on my holidays I do plenty of sports I love to train twice per day. Most of the time it is a combination of cardio (running, […]

Visceral Fat vs. Subcutaneous Fat

Several factors contribute to hard & deep belly fat. Read about the reasons and how to get rid of hard belly fat:   Exercise – Lack of exercise and a poor diet both contribute to packing on visceral fat. Work out to 30 to 60 minutes daily. You need to do a combination of weights […]