Worldwide Problem: The Diabetes

Worldwide Problem: The Diabetes   Diabetes Symptoms : The main symptoms of diabetes are increased urination (polyuria), thirst (polydipsia) and tiredness.   Common symptoms of type 1 and 2diabetes include: Excessive thirst Increased urination (sometimes as often as every hour) Unexpected weight loss or weight gain (type 2 only) Fatigue or tiredness Nausea, perhaps vomiting […]

Learn more about the Alkaline Diet

Benefits of alkaline-forming foods for everyone As a general rule, you can classify foods as either acid-forming or alkaline forming. The standard American diet is completely acid-forming, rich in acid-forming meat, dairy and highly processed foods. Your body’s pH is 7.35, or slightly alkaline. Your body constantly seeks balance and works hard to maintain the […]

Fit & Slim Lifestyle Packages

Fit & Slim Lifestyle Packages   Coming in holidays to Bali or living here,join us and experience our amazing Fit & Slim Packages Send us an email for more info…     Fit & Slim Lifestyle Basic – 6 Personal training sessions – Unlimited Group Class access – 2 weeks Slim & Fit Menu based […]

Stress is bad for you… But do you know why?

  Cortisol is a critical hormone with many actions in the body. Normally, cortisol is secreted by the adrenal glands in a pattern called a diurnal variation, meaning that levels of cortisol in the bloodstream vary depending upon the time of day (normally, cortisol levels are highest in the early morning and lowest around midnight). […]

New at Avocado Cafe, Healthy Acai Bowls and Smoothie

Benefits of Acai Berries There are numerous healthy berries that would be a great addition to your diet. The Acai berry is one of the healthiest berries you will ever find. Acai is an indigenous berry commonly found in the rain forests of the Amazon. This antioxidant-rich fruit has been heralded for centuries as a […]

Cellulite Killer Week Challenge @Motion Fitness Bali

What is cellulite? 3 different types of cellulite Adipose cellulite is the firm cellulite, orange peel effect on loose skin. Oedematous cellulite is fluid retention, soft cellulite often on loose skin. Fibrotic cellulite is hard, compact cellulite with orange peel effect. 4 different grades of cellulite: No visible cellulite, even when the skin is pinched. No […]