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10 Valentine’s Day Ideas That are fun for Couples AND Singles

As much as we love Valentine’s Day, most Valentine’s Day activities are only for couples- that’s why we came up with 10 fun ideas that are perfect for couples AND singles!

  1. Go to a Wine Tasting (with your friends or partner)
  2. Visit a Comedy Show or Live Music Event 
  3. Go to a Karaoke Night
  4. Volunteer at your favorite Charity Organization 
  5. Try a new Workout Class 
  6. Go to a pottery class (if you’re in Canggu, drop by Clay Club Nusa)
  7. Have a Spa day and treat yourself (we love Amo Spa)
  8. Throw a Dinner Party (and get Motion Catering)
  9. Go on a little trip or staycation 
  10. Visit your favorite Café or Restaurant -aka us😉 and treat yourself (go to our Instagram to learn all about our special offers for this year’s Valentine’s Day at Motion)

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