Get super fit and pop and fizz with renewed energy at our innovative and infamous signature fitness classes. Trainers from around the globe kick butts with strength & cardio training, Pilates, Yoga, TRX, Barre, Kettlebell and many more.



Why? It’s simple. Because it’s the fastest, easiest and most successful way to achieve your health and fitness goals. Our certified and experienced personal trainers go the extra mile to make you reach the next fitness level.



Get in shape with our unique, result-driven fitness challenges “Tummy Attack” and “Cellulite Killer”. 14 days with heaps of fitness, special meal plan for delivery, spa and before/after evaluation. Are you ready for it?



Looking for a healthier you? A better overall wellbeing? We’ll help you to combine fitness and the nutrition to achieve those goals. Book a professional nutrition consultation or healthy meal plans & fitness food for delivery.



A life changing and transformative health & fitness experience in the tropical paradise of Bali. We offer complete packages with accommodation, fitness program, meal plans, spa and healthy lifestyle coaching, personalized for you.



Our special fitness and health retreats are offered twice a year at a special locations with a fix program, designed with a balanced combination of fitness, spa, workshop and outdoor activities to tune up your body, mind and spirit.

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